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Labor is pulling away as the election wears no with the Government making no headway into the ALP’s big lead in the polls.

Federal Election Outright Tip

Labor Majority
Type of Government Formed

Labor is pulling away with Betseeker having the ALP likely to win 80 seats, well clear of the 76 seats needed to win a majority government. There is more scope for Labor to claim more seats as well with the Coalition fighting a two-front rear-guard action.

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Federal Election Outright Tip

Coalition Seats NSW – Under 20.5 ($2.00)

The Coalition looks in danger of losing a number of seats to independents and are in strife in their bid to regain Hughes. For the Coalition to win 21-plus seats in NSW they would need to stave off the teal independents in Wentworth and other danger seats, hold Bennelong, Reid and Robertson against the tide and perhaps claim Gilmore. This is a max bet.

Federal Election Outright Tip

Coalition Seats South Australia – Under 3.5 ($1.65)

The Coalition currently holds four seats in South Australia but on current swings Boothby looks gone and there are no other seats they can claim to maintain their current position of four.