NRL Tips – Try Scorers – Round 4 2022

NRL Betting Tips

Get the best try scorer bets for Round 4 of NRL action. Anytime prices are listed but these are value in first and last markets too.

Try Scorer Tip Sheet

Titans v TigersDavid Fifita ($2.10)Beau Fermor ($3.25)
Sharks v KnightsNicho Hynes ($4.00)Teig Wilton ($5.50)
Panthers v RabbitohsLatrell Mitchell ($3.00)Cameron Murray ($7.00)
Warriors v BroncosHerbie Farnworth ($2.40)Euan Aitken ($4.00)
Sea Eagles v RaidersJack Wighton ($3.20)Matthew Timoko ($4.33)
Cowboys v RoostersHamiso Tabuai-Fidow ($2.80)Jeremiah Nanai ($4.00)
Storm v BulldogsRyan Papenhuyzen ($1.80)Brandon Smith ($3.00)
Eels v DragonsClint Gutherson ($2.00)Isaiah Papalii ($4.00)