RLWC Tips – New Zealand v Jamaica – Pool C

New Zealand - RLWC Betting Tips

The biggest mismatch of the World Cup is upon us and all the money has come for New Zealand at the very large minus in what looms as one of the biggest World Cup results ever.

Best Bet

New Zealand -75.5

Take the Kiwis minus here – you will almost certainly never get the chance to say you took -75.5 points about a Rugby League team again.

Punters have certainly steamed into the opportunity. The Kiwis have been bet from -66.5 to -75.5 with many judges believing this will eventually start in the 80s.

The best push here is probably the 70-point win the Kiwis without a number of their best players had against Leeds in the leadup. There is plenty of flair and plenty of ability to score quickly and at will.

The biggest worry for Jamaica will be the ferocious Kiwi forwards. The platform is going to be something else.

This could see the Kiwis run in 100 points even with Jahrome Hughes sidelined.

Same Game Multi

Same Game Multi

Sebastian Kris scored a first-jalf hat-trick against Leeds and comes off a good tryscoring year.

Manu is an astonishing try sneak and the freedom of fullback gives him more opportunities than ever.

Brown scored 11 tries this year and crossed against Lebanon.

Smith loves a dart and should meet little resistance this week.

Value Bet

Nelson Asofa-Solomona
To Score A Try

Michael Maguire seemed to intimate that Nelson Asofa-Solomona would be used on an edge in this game when he came onto the field, a terrifying prospect for Jamaica. He is huge overs to score.