10 Tips to Improve Your NBA Betting

Steph Curry & Lebron James - NBA Betting Strategy

NBA betting is one of the most popular sports in the world to wager on but with such a high volume of games it is important with your NBA tips to know what to back and when. 

NBA Betting Tips

1. Pick Your Spots

Patience is incredibly important in betting and moreso in the NBA than in any other league. Teams play 82 regular season games apiece. Those who play finals can play up to another 28 more. The reality is that teams cannot and are not fully wound up or fully trying all of the time. Patience and finding strong betting opportunities are critical to success in NBA betting. 

2. Information is King

In no sport does an individual player have more of an impact than basketball. With just five players on the court for each team at any one time, the value of a single player is large and when that player is one of the stars, it can fundamentally turn a team from being heavily favoured to a big underdog. Staying on top of team information is essential. 

3. Resting is Becoming More Prevalent

Teams almost never rested players a decade back but in 2022 it is commonplace across the league with every team undertaking the practice. Understanding when teams do this, why they do it and when they will do it next can be hugely beneficial to NBA betting. 

4. Back Underdogs in Coin-Flip Games

Avoiding the public is typically the best way to play the NBA and the most obvious situation is in close games when a hope team is a small favourite. Bookmakers know that in coin-flip games the public will side with the home team so the value typically exists with the small road underdog. 

5. Look for Scheduling Angles

Scheduling has a huge impact on NBA betting. Playing against teams on back-to-backs has been a long-held betting angle as has betting against teams playing four times in five days. The two-game series has also become a new phenomenon and betting against the team that won the opener has proven very profitable. 

6. Shop for Lines

There can be a fairly significant difference in lines in the market in NBA games, far more so than in the NFL. Finding the best of the number can very much be the difference between success and failure with player props and handicap betting basketball. 

7. Roles Are Important

Positions mean little in the NBA. Roles mean everything. Understanding the role of a player and combining it with their skillset can open up many betting opportunities in the player prop markets. This is particularly true when there is a key injury in a team or a player has been traded. 

8. Referees Have Tendencies

Referees don’t need to be notorious match fixer Tim Donaghy to severely influence an NBA game, particularly regarding totals. A whistle-happy official can easily send a total over while one that likes to let them play often sees offenses stifled and totals go under. Some are influenced to favour home teams, others to bite against home crowds. Some referees suit certain styles of play and some don’t. Understand ref tendencies. 

9. Divisional Unders Usually A Play

The under should be the default position for a total bettor with your NBA tips. One spot to really go after the under is in divisional games and this is heightened when that total is dropping on the back of sharp action or weight of money. Familiarity and game importance are the two most important factors here for your NBA betting tips. 

10. Road Faves After A Blowout Loss A Play

Teams that are favoured on the road tend to be strong teams and those after a blowout loss tend to be a very good team. Very good teams are usually embarrassed by a blowout loss. This makes it a very good spot to be on a classy team with strong motivation. 

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